Homemade bread Return!


Has been a longlong time since my last loaf of homemade bread, guess it’s already a few months ago.


Thanks to a dear friend who came visit with a bag of bread flour that he likes, so now here is the flour turned into bread!
Actually, I like this transittion, flour turns into bread, feels like there’s a lot of meaning in it,….”FLOUR TURNS INTO BREAD”
haaa, I have got something stuck in my mind now, shall have something to think about today!

Autumn is here, weather is now so beautiful and enhoyable.


autunm morning light


Affogato- my daily special!


Enjoying my afternoon treat!
Affogato is now officially my favourite coffee!


Thanks to hubby who introduced this to me and made me the first cup with the Moka pot we bought from our Italy trip.


Hubby will make coffee for us, serve in our own handmade coffee mugs which we made in japan, with the Moka pot whenever he stays at home these days. Still trying to find a coffee that we like…….salute!!

gift of Love and joy of Sharing

Thank you Jo&Jo for the homemade chilli soysauce and jackfruit curry.
This is the beauty of living in village or small community where one have harvest and will share!



Homemade Chilli Sauce- with homemade soy sauce made by Jo’s aunt, which takes 4 years to produce, and chilli from jo’s neighbour.

Jackfruit Curry- Jackfruit from my garden. It’s hardwork, Jo has spent hours preparing the jackfruit.

Hiking and Camping at Sunset Peak, Lantau Island


I did it! I DID IT!!!!!! First time night hiking and camping at Sunset Peak experienced and enjoyed! Thank you Shipship for taking me there also big thanks to my loving hubby who made sure i had the torch charged and being our tech support for weather and route info.  i love you both!

4 hours’ hike with a big backpack, i am tired!! We arrived around 3am, set the tent and said goodnight at around 4.30. Didn’t manage to see sunrise but we were up at 8ish started our super relaxing morning, first came a cup of hot coffee, followed by hot noodles with a can of spicy pork…..mmmm…yummy and feeling contented!!!

A BIG surprise for the morning was to know hubby has already walking half way up to join us! I was astonished with great happiness!!! haha, hubby is coming, yeah…..! i went to welcome hubby and let him take the best seat, so he joined our relaxing morning for some snacks and some funny chats.  We then packed and started heading down at around midday. Omgosh, going down is far more challenging than going up, my legs were shaking at the last 20 mintues of the hike and immediately sat down on the bench when i saw one!

I told hubby he should take me for night hike instead of day hike, because i am more focus at night as there’s too dark to see anything!!! No more stops for photo taking at night!!! LOL

Feeling tired today but it’s all worth. I have been a bit nervous before the hike, thinking i am too slow and will drag the group down.  A big relieve for me when knowing only Shipship and i were going alone, none of her other friends were joining us due to weather condition. Shipship has assured me that i can walk with my comfy pace, no rush as she also wanted to practice walking slower, a training for her next great challenging hike up the Patagonia!!!! I am excited for her too!!

Hubby slept for 14 hours after the hike!! Good for him!




Hiking to Sunset Peak (Tai Tung Shan) Lantau Island

03:15 Wifey should now be nearing Sunset Peak having set off from Mui Wo at 23:00. This is her first experience of hiking at night. I made sure she has a torch with fully charged batteries. Her route takes her via Nam Shan and Yi Tung Shan in the shadow of Lin Fa Shan

I’m at work now and will be heading to Sunset Peak via Pak Kung Au after work and a hearty breakfast. Hopefully we will meet at the summit where there will be a nice breeze and we can fly our kite!